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Pre-Engineered Building

At COOLMAX Building Technologies, excellence is innate, and pioneering, a way of life. COOLMAX Building Technologies is engaged in the Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Pre-engineered Steel Buildings & Building components for Industries, Warehouses, Commercial Centres, Multi-Storied Buildings, Aircraft Hangars and Stadia etc. Covering a wide spectrum of application areas, COOLMAX has brought Innovation, Design Distinction, International Expertise and above all, Global quality to every customer who aspires for Technological and Structural superiority.

Light Gauge Steel

Steel is one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. The industry has embraced the common sense approach that reducing its impact on the environment is not only the right thing to do, but it makes economic sense. Since the early 1990s, the steel industry has reduced its energy use to produce a ton of steel by approximately 1/3. More than 95% of the water used in the steel making process is recycled and returned – often cleaner than when it was taken from the source.

Material Specifications:

All structural framing components shall conform to ASTM A 635 orequivalent hot dipped galvanized (G90 coating, complying with ASTM A 653/653M, C 955 or equivalent) with thickness and grade as required by structural design calculations (min. yield strength 550/350 MPa). X Drive @ screw shall be used for assembling of the structure.

Exterior Walling System:

Option 1: Using 10 to 12mm Cement fiber board
Option 2: Using Steel Cladding System (Cost effective)
Option 3: Using brink masonry attached with LGS wall system
Option 4: Light concrete using form work up to 4 feet.
Remaining Wall cladded with Cement Fiberor Steel profile sheet.

Interior walling system:

Option 1: Using 8 to 10 mm Cement fiber board
Option 2: Using 12 mm Gypsum board (cost Effective)
Option 3: Concrete using form work up to sill level. Remaining with
12mm Gypsum /CF

Composite Decking System:

Option 1: 24mm Cement Fiber board Decking sheeting on LGS Joist
or 12mm board with 50mm cement screed with tiles.
Option 2: Steel decking

First Floor ROOFING:

LGS Trusses
Roof Panels
50 mm Glass Wool Insulation
0.6mm Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Profiled Sheeting.


All interior and Exterior walls shall be filled with mineral wool insulation. Glass wool insulation Blanket shall be used on first floor roof.


Cold Chain Solutions



Custom-made size of best quality cold room panels for cold storage requirements are available for various structures, such as

● Walk-in-Chillers
● Walk-in-Freezers
● Blast Freezers
● Refrigeration Units
● Refrigerated Vehicle Bodies
● Skid Mounted Cold Rooms

Designed according to exact specifications of the customer, cold rooms can be constructed into any required height, width, length and types all with ease of assembly. We supply Polyurethane Insulated Sandwich Panels for Walls, Ceiling and Floor. The joint design of our cold room panels is produce with tongue & groove edges which are further locked with cam lock design fasteners that are built inside the insulated panel. Our sandwich panels are injected with high density polyurethane foaming material with an average density of 40-42 kg/m3 firmly glued to the metal surface for perfect insulation of Refrigeration units & walk-in cold rooms.


Your search for high quality reefer boxes, Chiller vans or Refrigerated vehicles ends at us. We guarantee to provide the perfectly suited refrigerated transport solution that will perform it’s daily requirements effectively from day one. We offer the following solutions

  • Heavy & Light Refrigerated Trucks
  • Distribution Vans
  • Reefer Boxes


Thermal Insulated Panels:

Sandwich Panels are available in following thicknesses:
50mm  80mm  100mm  120mm  150mm  200mm

Insulation Material:

The demands made on insulation today are extremely rigorous. We are looking for materials that can be installed easily, lightweight but strong, last long time and are also adaptable to many applications. For this host of reasons we believe Polyurethane foam (PU) is far better insulation that offers the best physical properties of any available insulating materials. The polyurethane panels are best available option for the requirement of cold room insulation.

Fire Protection & Rating:

PU foam used in insulated panels is cross linked with thermo set synthetic material and cannot melt under increased temperatures, in case of fire our insulated panels do not melt form burning droplets resulting In reduced risk of fire spread. According to European Standards, our insulated panels are given an over all rating of B3, however, panels with B2 classification foam can also be produced.

Joining System:

Cladding are the metallic sheets used as facing on both sides of insulated panels. Cladding can be shallow ribbed to provide additional solidity and firmness. Various cladding materials
are available to choose from, depending upon the usage Polyester Pre-Painted ; Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel ;Aluminiu

Camlock : To provide a tight and secure joint panels are profiled for interlocking with the “male” side having cam lock and the “female” side having the latch pin. That also provide strength. This panel fastener provides a positive panel seal that helps alignment when joining the panels at site and also facilitate the disassembly and reassembly process.

PIR Insulated Panels:

We supply and install insulated panels along with all materials such as extrusions, fixings and sealants for a complete project solution. PIR-cored fire resistant insulated panels for all types of temperature controlled applications & controlled environment projects. The high thermal performance of the PIR (PolyIsoCyanurate) core offers higher energy savings and/or reduced thicknesses of construction when compared to other insulated panel systems. They are fire resistant, hygienic and fibre free.


COOLMAX PIR panels are suitable for both temperature-controlled and hygiene-safe environments for temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius. They are ideally suited to food processing, deep freeze, cold and cool store, clean rooms for bio-technology and pharmaceutical industries, and ambient or elevated temperature storage rooms.

The articulated joint between the panels is made through hinges, placed inside and let them rotate. There is also an airproof seal (EPDM) between the panels.
The insulated panels are filled Polyurethane Foam.
It is made of anodized- or painted-aluminum shapes and of single-face methacrylate glasses, it is available either in double glazing or honeycomb versions. The outside and upright frames house the sealing gaskets and the glasses, allowing different possible compositions. The panoramic panel can be assembled as a glazed single section in SD-type door or it can be fixed in a multiple assembly together with other insulated panels.


Coolmax Range of Doors is designed for Safe, Fast, Efficient and Simple Operation for any Internal/External busy doorways. These doors are characterized by their high-quality components and well-conceived design which can be used both inside and outside in sheltered areas that have low/high wind loads and moderate/high temperature. These doors are most suited for controlling environment conditions inside the factory, they also help in improving the flow of traffic through busy doorways. Self-supporting structure for simple and reliable operation. Speed adjustments are possible in all types’ doors. Due to their modern and variable look, our doors perfectly match architecture of any building. These doors are designed to ensure smooth and noiseless operation


1. Insulated Doors
2. High Speed Roll Up Doors
3. Sectional Doors
4. Folding Doors
5. Fire Safety Doors
6. PVC Strip Doors