Coolmax International


We provide HVACR products Air Handling Units, Selected Range of Chillers, Air
Conditioning & Refrigerating Units, Heat Exchanger Coils and can create
bespoke products at highly competitive prices with fast Turn around time. We
have state of the art technology to design and calculate as per your desired
specification and requirement.


We provide a quality range of applications such as Chilled Water Coil, Hot Water Coil, Steam Coil,
Condenser Coil and Evaporator Coils including Low Temperature Coils. COOLMAX produces conventional
finned pack heat exchangers – coils for OEM and other customers, manufactured from the highest quality
copper tubes and aluminium or copper fins. Critical components for the coils such as the headers and
connecting pipes are manufactured in-house. Specially evaluated quality suppliers and sub-contractors
are used for our outsourced components.

Hydrophilic Fin Material

Hydrophilic dipped coated sheet which is a high quality is being used as a
standard in our Coil manufacturing process.
Benefit: It has proved to be highly efficient in resistance to corrosion and
has long term durability.

Internally grooved Copper Tubes

This is also used as a ‘standard’ in our manufacturing process.
Benefit: This type of copper tubes are more efficient in heat exchange and
transfer in comparison to smooth tubes. as it homogenizes temperature
refrigerant temperatures across the tube




State of the art Machinery

Our efficient design and quality coils, built for performance are driven by our adaptation to
state of the art machinery. Some of which involves cutting-edge technology exclusively in use
of COOLMAX International. For complete automation in production process we have CNC
Turret Machine (image above).

Some of the features it offers are
• Creation of Coil side plates
• Complete Design automation
• Plate designing
• Punching

Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of our intricate Coil manufacturing process. At each step we take
care of it, so that the end-product should be error free and of high quality. It’s through our design
efficiency and our rigorous testing processes that only the best quality reach our clients. Our
standard testing process include
Water & Air pressure testing  |   Hot Water / Chilled Water Coils
Nitrogen Pressure testing  |   Applicable to Condenser / Evaporator / DX & Steam Coils



By automating the processes we are not only able to provide quality coils, but also are able to deliver faster on the
project thus helping our clients to save cost and time.




We provide a wide range of Air handling units for use in various applications from enclosed spaces to large industrial applications. All our AHUs, down to its smallest part and simplest functions went through rigorous testing process to ensure highest performance quality and maintaining consistency with being energy efficient.



COOLMAX has complete range of solutions for Ventilation products and solutions. We are providing Integrated solutions such as Car park ventilation systems and other Industrial end to end solutions.

No ducts are used and the construction is quite easy. The Jetvent Fans units are simply installed
at suitable places and in appropriate intervals.
Air Blown Direction
Nozzle direction can be varied. The most suitable variation is selected according to the shape of
the building and application. A single Jetvent Fan unit can create a main air stream and eliminate
air stagnation in the underground parking lot. The units can be arranged neatly because
there is no need to align the unit with the direction of the air stream.
Simple to Install
The Jetvent Fan units are simple suspended from the ceiling with hanger bolts.
Ultra Thin
Very Thin fans are used. The Jetvet Fan unit, only 670mm high including the hanging bracket of
the Single Nozzle. The Multi Nozzle fans have 280 mm height which include the universal
bracket and fan cabinet.
Energy Saving
No energy loss due to ducts. The air flow going through supply and exhaust fan can be easily
controlled to ventilate because of dilution and diffusion.
Low Noise
The Jetvent Fan unit incorporates a small sized mixed flow fan with a lower noise level. The
noise is 55dB(A) at 1.5 meter from the unit.
Maintenance Free
The lubrication free motor bearings require no maintenance.
Electric wiring is simple because the power source is 1Ph X 220Volt X 50Hz
Underground Car Park Ventilation System

Hanger Fan
• Integrated fan assembled in cabinet
• Twin fan keeps lower height
• Modular cabinet as Hanger fans can be diversified in box modules
• No need for fan plant room as Hanger fans can be installed directly to the wall. (dry area)
• Volume controllable in parallel fan arrangement
• Easy installation


COOLMAX has complete range of solutions for installation of Pre-Insulated
Ducting System and machines for producing Sheet metal ducting according to
International standards and classification.

Complete Range of
Pre-Insulated Ducting System

LOW WEIGHT – weighs up to 72% less than ductwork
constructed from galvanized sheet steel and insulated with
mineral fiber – this makes it ideal for refurbishment projects,
where existing building structures have insufficient load capacities
for new service loads
FASTER INSTALLATION SPEEDS – low weight ductwork fabricated in sections up to 13 ft (3.93 m) long,
single–fix installation and no need to install insulation as a second operation, reduces project scheduling
periods for insulated ductwork.
INSTALLED COST SAVINGS – reduced labor and materials, including fixings and first level support
members, can provide an ideal value engineered ductwork solution without compromising on
SPACE SAVING – typically saves up to 6-8” (150–200 mm) in a single dimension, since the space required
to manually install a separate layer of insulation around the ductwork is eliminated – this allows
ductwork to be installed flush to ceilings, walls and floors, as well as to surfaces within confined



COOLMAX core components, Tower dimensions, Fill Towers enables us to
provide absolute guarantee for high efficiency thermal performance.s &
Adequate Air flow design for Cooling

Cooling Tower

COOLMAX core components, Tower dimensions, Fills & Adequate Air flow design for Cooling Towers
enables us to provide absolute guarantee for high efficiency thermal performance.

Client Servicing

The Company not only continuously exceeds clients expectations, it also perfect every step of design,
production, logistics and After-sales services. It’s the honor to provide convenient, reliable and professional
services to our clients. From the moment client choose COOLMAX, the service team liaise regularly with the
clients and collect clients feedback to provide data and technical support for after-sales services.

Low Noise

Environmental Protection We can reduce mechanical noise effectively by use of high-quality quieter material and transmission components.
Through pool

type water distribution with cover and nozzles to distribute water, we can reduce water flow noise to minimum. With the large dimension of tower and low noise of double-layer aluminum alloy aerofoil fan. We can assure that cooling towers run at low noise environment.
Low Energy Consumption

High efficiency Under the premise of achieving the same cooling effect, it saves operating cost by larger tower dimension, more heat transfer area and bigger fan diameter while lower rotating speed. Power ratio meets the national standards, of which most of the models are lower than 0.03KW/(m3/h).
Less Drift –

Energy SavingWith high efficient multi-functional fills , we can restrict the drift loss at a very low level;At the same time, there are special water baffle plates and no beams in the middle, which can assure water will not drift outside, the drift loss is less than 0.001%

Cooling Tower Special Qualities

Packing fills utilize only high quality raw PVC film sheets by vacuum forming. The fills are hanging in whole sheet, which
overcome airflow short-pass, uneven water distribution and low cooling effect by fills layering, and convenient to install and
disassemble, and clean
Internal Piping
By the theory of natural uniform distribution of liquid, it makes water flow into hot basin evenly. It can save the cost to install external piping, take up less space and look more beautiful
Distribution System
Use the unique overflow device and nozzles layout and realize smooth and even water distribution under different system
load, to meet the requirements of energy saving. The device completely eliminates the drift loss of cooling water. Hot water
basin cover avoids water pollution and protects nozzles from blocking by foreign objects falling in hot basin. At the same time, avoid direct sunlight and inhabit growth of algae. Besides. It can avoid water lost from direct evaporation and possible splash out.
Casing & Basin
Use the imported corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant gel coat and pigment; integrally mix and mold welt with high grade resin and non-alkali fiber. Casings and basin are made of FRP by pultrusion. It’s uniform in color and thickness, difficult to fade anti-aging, and smooth surface finishing. Stripe-shaped surface of casings is non-glare and strong so as to avoid light pollutio
Drift Eliminator
Drift eliminator, dedicated parts to YHD, YHG counter-flow cooling towers. Is unique three-dimensional three folds honeycomb type, has very high water collection efficiency and low air resistance, the drift loss of circulating water is less than 0.001%, to conserve water resource to maximum. Prevent the spread of legionella.
Working Deck & Protective Devices
There are spacious maintenance walkway, handrails, and movable maintenance deck for the towers of YHA and YHB. Fan guard cover is densely spread. Access door is large in size. Working deck’s width is applicable. All of above assure maintenance staff work safe and conveniently, Mechanical components use protective device such as motor cover, belt cover etc.
Patent aero-foil fan, made of aluminum alloy, has the best qualities of strength and light weight design, high volume of air
delivery, low energy consumption and long life; it also can run at a very low speed. Blade angle can be adjusted according tosystem load, it can fully run under rated power to best performance.
Frame Structure & Fasteners
Leading structure design and quality materials to make frame structure and fasteners, the standard configuration of structure is superior hot-dip galvanized steel (GB Q235) and fasteners of 304 stainless steel.